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Have fanart to donate? Please email me! ^_^ 68 gorgeous and high quality screencaps donated graciously by the fabulous Laura are on their own very special page. Check them out!

.:: Screencaps ::.

.:: Elrond ::.
He looks so angsty here, I love it!   Elrond: The Thinker of Middle-Earth?   Dirty, sweaty, and dead sexy. yummy.   Look at that smirk! He's definitely thinking about Legolust   Hot damn! I love an elf in uniform!

My, he's awfully good at shouting out commands *wink*wink* Legolas: *snrk*   Looking regal in black and white   oh you KNOW Legolas is just offscreen in this one   More lovely eye-candy   bigger version   

better quality version   You tell em, pimp daddy!   Ugghhh, taking care of hobbits is worse than raising three kids.. who used all the strawberry bubble bath?!      

            I lecture and I lecture and I lecture, but does Aragorn listen? Noooo...

Angry lookin, ain't he?   Ah! The Pretty!   Grr, baby. Very grr.   I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Jackson   

.:: Groups ::.
*is utterly distracted by the way Boromir his his legs spread in the background*      Elrond and Arwen   Elrond and Gandalf   

      Come on now, who wants a hug!

.:: Etc ::.
Imladris! .. Imladris!.. It's only a model.. SHH   The uniform sans elf.. Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way around?

.:: Fanart ::.
Fanart by Tro
Elrond: Queen of the Dessert! XD
Fanart by Kit
Looking pleasantly surprised. ^_~
Fanart by Jo
*sigh* I just can't do those eyebrows justice

Fanart by Sarah
Elrond, looking good while thinking deep thoughts ^_~   So cute in his armor! ^.^   Ok, it's not Elrond, it's Legolas.. but he's adorable too! ^_~   Brothers, Elros on the left and Elrond on the right. Gorgeous!

Fanart by Kat M.
Everyone loves an elf in armor!   The regal look ^_~   A little darker with striking blue eyes   Jo loves this picture

Fanart by TL
The elf knows how to shout an order ^_~   At the council   Looking very intruiged   See, I DO have multiple facial expressions!

This is 3D fanart submitted by Hatsukoi! A one-of-a-kind Elrond plushie!
*twitch*twitch* I WILL resist the urge to glomp him like a fangirl, I WILL.. *twitch*twitch*   Even the eyebrows are perfect! XD   The chibi 'Go-to-Hell Look of Rivendell'?   So.. cuddly... *_*   Even in plushie form, Elrond has gorgeous hair! ^_^

Everyone with me now: awwwwww...   *GLOMPS* Ahhh~! So CUTE~!

Fanart by Psycho Ferret
Warning! Only suggestive posing and almost but not quite nudity, dohhh...   Looking sad   Looking sad, only in color!