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.:: 04/23/05 ::. New fanart from Kat M. is up in the gallery, there are five new wallpapers generously donated by Tavaran in the downloads, and a new link to an Elrond/Gil-galad archive! Other than that, I'd like to say that this will be my last update for the Lord of Imladris page. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't updated it, oh, two years now. Mostly just due to other fannish interests that are keeping me busy. It's been fun and I'm happy to have met so many other Elrond fans! Namárië, mellyn.

.:: 09/08/03 ::. New fanart donations from Psycho Ferret in the gallery. ^_^

.:: 07/09/03 ::. New wallpaper from Liritar is up!

.:: 06/26/03 ::. New fanart from Kit! Check it out in the Gallery.

.:: 06/16/03 ::. Two more new wallpaper donations from Liritar! Fantastic.

.:: 05/25/03 ::. Two new wallpaper donations from Liritar in the downloads section. Mmm, sweaty elf goodness... *_* Also, readded the link to TORN because it really was a wankish thing to do and nothing to really get so upset about. ^_^;

.:: 02/17/03 ::. More donations! New fanart from LT can be found in the gallery, her page is linked from there if you're inclined to visit. ^_~ In other news, where are all of you people coming from? *laughs* My traffic's doubled in the past month and 52 of ya all visited me on Valentines. I was going to throw a wallpaper together for the occasion, but alas, too many other things came up. Apologies. ^_^;

.:: 01/28/03 ::. o_O So many donations all of the sudden! Keep sending things if you've got them! Check out the four fabulous new wallpapers as well as three new AIM buddy icons from Carrie in downloadables.

.:: 01/12/03 ::. Another fanart donation just in! This one from Sarah, of Elros and Elrond. Check it out in the gallery!

.:: 01/11/03 ::. New donations thanks to the wonderful Lady Dien! Check out a brand new wallpaper in downloadables and a new image in the gallery of Elrond's armor.

.:: 12/02/02 ::. I promised it and for once I actually pull through. ^_^; Three new sound clips from the extended FoTR DVD in downloadables and new screencaps and fanart in the gallery (with big apologies to Kat M for taking so long!).

.:: 11/16/02 ::. Check out the downloadables section! I put up a little 47 second clip from the extended DVD, just to tease you if you don't already have it. ^_~ More fanart coming soon as well as screencaps from the extended DVD, and possibly some 100x100 Livejournal icons.

.:: 09/01/02 ::. Fixed a broken link in the gallery. Why doesn't anyone tell me about these things? I know, I said I'd have screencaps, but I am an uber-bum, so you have my apologies -_-; Might I direct you to the Vault of Heaven for the latest new images?

.:: 08/06/02 ::. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it's been pretty quiet on the Elrond front. I hope everyone's enjoying their DVDs! If you haven't already, watch the Two Towers Behind the Scenes featurette on the bonus disk, there's a short clip that Elrond has some lines! You can also find some short clips of Hugo Weaving talking briefly about the Council of Elrond in the Scifi Channel special (it's in the Languages section, go figure). I'll work on obtaining some screenshots hopefully within the week. (As a side note, have I mentioned how cool Christopher Lee is? hehe. GAHN-DAHLP, not Gan-dalf.. psst, possible movie spoilers, highlight to read: you didn't hear it from me, but I heard from a reliable source that Mr. Lee is not too happy with the ending of Return of the King...)

.:: 06/09/02 ::. Three brand new fanart donations from the generous Sarah are up in the gallery! They're so cute, go see ^_^

.:: 05/27/02 ::. Two new links up, one to the ever-cool Last Pub in Arda and the other to The Brian Elrond Conspiracy. Both are great sites, be sure to check them out ^_^ Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life has been (as usual) quite hectic.

.:: 04/19/02 ::. Lovely new wallpaper in downloadables donated by Shana! Check it out!

.:: 04/17/02 ::. Not really an update, just a notice ^_^; My email has changed and I'll be using jo@spacia.org as my primary address from now on!

.:: 03/24/02 ::. Rapid succession updates this week. Go me! ^_^ Check this out, I have a 3D fanart donation from the absurdly talented Hatsukoi in the gallery that is the single most cute thing EVER! Other than that, everyone root for LotR at the Oscars tonight! I know I will be ^_^

.:: 03/23/02 ::. Happy birthday to meeee~ Happy birthday to meeeee~! ^_^ Other than that though... I started up what I feel is a much needed webring for the ever-growing list of Elrond sites out there on the web! woohoo! If you have a page all about or featuring Elrond in any way please do join up! Check it out in the aptly named webring section.

.:: 03/22/02 ::. Just a little update to the links section. I've linked up a whole bunch of new cool Elrond and Hugo-related websites, including Laura's new page Vault of Heaven! Thanks to everyone who's linked to me in return! If I've missed you, please do email me tell me to get my act together ^_^;

.:: 03/16/02 ::. Major update! Thanks to the ever-cool Laura, there are sixty-eight high quality screencaps and some new pictures in the gallery, a new wallpaper and sound clip in the downloads section. I've also made some new link buttons that are up if you'd like to link to the site ^_^ There might be some more minor updates later on in the week (woohoo! spring break!)

.:: 02/26/02 ::. I'm the perpetrator of misinformation! Shame! Shame on me! -_-; It's come to my attention that I seem to have made a little mistake in my little bio of Elrond. Lúthien Tinúviel is NOT, in fact, Elrond grandmother, but rather his GREAT-grandmother. That's been fixed now. It was an easy enough mistake to make. Appendix A says "Lúthien became mortal and was lost to Elven-kind. Dior was her son. Elwing was his daughter and had in her keeping the silmaril" (italics my own). Silly pronouns, they get me every time...

.:: 02/14/02 ::. New additions to the gallery and a couple pretty Hugo pics in the Hugo mini-gallery. Happy Valentine's day all! Don't say I never did anything for you ^_~

.:: 01/15/01 ::. New fanart by Tro! Elrond: Queen of the Dessert! In the gallery! Also finally updated the Who section! A somewhat extensive family history of Elrond now located within ^_^

.:: 01/13/01 ::. I made a wallpaper for the heck of it ^_^ Check it out in the downloadables.

.:: 01/08/01 ::. Just fixed up the layout today, should be more viewable to anyone running in less than 1024 x 768 resolution, but not like it's supposed to by a long shot -_-;; Faster to download to slower connections as well. Hope it helps. Added the little tracker thingie-do too. I'm curious, since I'm fairly certain I'm the only one who ever visits my websites, heh ^_^;;

.:: 01/07/01 ::. Gallery is up (even though it's a triffle small) -_-;; New link-free banners in the links section. Itty bitty update to downloadables (AIM buddy icon graphic). That's all for today I think!

.:: 01/06/01 ::. Updated the links section a bit, the websites listed are mostly where I've gathered pictures for the gallery from. The gallery will be going up later today (I hope!) Must run now, off to see my 4th viewing! ^_^

.:: 01/04/02 ::. Welcome to Lord of Imladris, a shrine to my new favorite elf, Elrond! Right now a few of the sections are up and opperational in their sketchy beginning forms, I'll have the gallery going in just a few short days I think. In the meantime, thanks for coming! ^_^ Feel free to email me with any questions of comments.