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Realm of the Star-Dome - AC's fabulous Elrond archive of slash
Imladris.nu - A wonderful site full of Elrond-related resources!
Elrond.nu - Another Elrond shrine! Spreading the Elf Lord love ^_~ Gorgeous site layout
King and Herald: An Elrond/Gil-galad Archive

Laura has an Elrond page of her very own! Too cool ^_~ Check it out.

Elveanna's Elrond Archives

Lord of Rivendell

The Brian Elrond Conspiracy, you always knew Elrond could sparkle

.:: Lord of the Rings links ::.
Lord of the Rings: Official Movie Site
Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News
Herr der Ringe Film (German)

Slash Lords!

The Last Pub in Arda

.:: Hugo Weaving ::.
IMDB: Hugo Weaving complete filmography

The Unofficial Hugo Weaving Fan Site

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Elrond Slobbering Fangirl Club!   Legolas Slobbering Fangirl Club

We are the cure

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