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.:: Why this shrine? ::.
Elrond has quickly become not only my favorite drool-worthy character of the films, but my favorite character of the books as well. There's just something about an older man (and by older I do mean 5000+). ^_~ There seems to be few places specifically devoted to the elf lord online, so I figured I'd give it a go. At the very least it'll be a testament to my little obsession and a small gathering of scattered pictures for those who have a hard time finding them in one place.

I'm getting past my "pure lust" stage of this little obsession and really becoming fascinated with the character of Elrond himself, appearing in all of Tolkien's stories (or so he says in one of his letters to Milton Waldman in 1951, published in my copy of The Silmarillion). He strikes me as a particularly lonely figure, about the only family he has still in Middle-earth are his children, and his in-laws from Lórien (Can YOU imagine having Galadriel as your mother-in-law? heh). However, he is still quite bound to his duties in Middle-earth throughout the Second and Third age as are further detailed in the Who? section of this shrine.

As a side note, I'm also very much in lust with Orlando Bloom's portrayal of Legolas and as a result you can expect many a slashy innuendo around the site, slash meaning intimate male/male relationships and sex, so consider yourself warned. There may be an Elrond/Legolas page in the future, we'll see if there's any demand for it first though ^_^ Mmmm... Sexy Elf Boy...